Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What is the National Faith an Justice Network?
  • The National Faith and Justice Network (NFJN) is a national alliance of regional groups dedicated to uniting Christians around Biblical Justice through spiritual formation, training, community organizing, and advocacy.
  • Functionally, NFJN offers affiliate local organizations the following:
  1. Excellent regional and national training events on Christ-rooted Community Organizing
  2. Periodic collaboration on national initiatives and campaigns
  3. Strategic partnership opportunities with national organizations and associations committed to Biblical Justice, including Sojourners and the Christian Community Development Association
  4. Regular conference calls and relationships to share best practices and lessons learned in local Christ-rooted community organizing
  5. Access to small group and church curricula to use in local organizing efforts

What current cities have a Faith and Justice Network?

Boston, New York, Oregon, Baltimore, and Cincinnati with others starting in Columbus, and hopefully your city!

Why are we required to come to
CONSPIRE! in teams?

The work of faith and justice is not a solo sport. Organizing requires developing and working in teams that share a common vision and purpose. This training is designed to help equip you to go back to your city and to either start a new network or plug into an existing one. In order to do that successfully we need you to come with at least three people from your area who you are committed to exploring working together.

What is Sojourners relationship to the Faith and Justice Networks?

While many of the local Faith and Justice Networks were inspired by Sojourners each of these groups are their own separate organizations with a distinct mission. Sojourners seeks to inspire and equip more groups to start and therefore is helping to sponsor this gathering.

Where can I get more information?

Contact us at nfjn.info@gmail.com

Click here to REGISTER NOW!

Lead Trainer Rev. Alexia Salvatierra

Housing and Meals

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