Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CONSPIRE! a training conference...

invites you to...

Building a Faith and Justice Movement in Your City
Washington DC
June 3-5

Special $50 Rate till April 15
General Rate $75

For Special $50 Rate use Password: CONSPIRE

Imagine... our world transformed by faith and justice?

There is a growing movement springing up in cities across this country. Christians are joining hands to put their faith into action around issues of poverty and justice. They are committing to bring Biblical justice to the systems and structures in their cities.
Are Christians in your community voicing a desire to be more holistic--to address the root causes of poverty and injustice in addition to charitable giving and compassionate ministries? Have people been convening to find new ways to address old ills? Do you want to be a leader in this movement and not just a follower? If so, this is the training for you! This training requires you to bring a team of three or more people from your community. They must be committed to addressing issues of injustice on a social and systemic level.

From the abolitionist movement to the civil rights struggle to today, Christians have lived their calling to do justice by drawing on the community organizing tradition. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn from some of the top organizers in the country. This training will involve leaders like Alexia Salvatierra who has worked with architects of the American civil rights movement and Latin American peace efforts and new organizers who are putting their faith to work to stop human trafficking, bring fresh food to urban neighborhoods, and promote global fair trade. Conspire with them. Dream with them. Lead with them as they lead their communities to follow Jesus and do justice!

Training will begin @ 6pm on Thursday, June 3 and conclude by 2pm on Saturday, June 5.

Conference Location
3333 14th Street NW
Washington DC

Special Registration Notes
  • Participants must come with team of 3 or more from their city, region.
  • Registrants must list the name of team leader in the "Additional Information" widow on the payment page.
  • All registration fees are non refundable.

Learn More About The Conveners

Learn About Conference Lead Trainer | Rev. Alexia Salvatierra

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